Wednesday, February 18, 2015


By now, some of you already know that Samoa Joe has broken fellowship with TNA. As for me, I've been mauling over how I really feel about the decision made by both. Joe was broken by Kurt Angle after their first meeting; the first in a long line of Goldberg streak curses. I blame writers for this loss. I blame bookers for this loss. I don't blame Kurt and I don't blame Joe for wanting to leave.

Joe creates a hole just like AJ created a hole just like Kazarian and Daniels created a hole. It's hard to see old favorites leave behind their legacy, but it's harder to keep creating things anew when the history is as scarred as the resolve to stay. So I don't blame TNA and Joe for coming to the conclusion they came to and I say good bye willingly, but I don't think it's forever and I don't think Joe belongs up north, despite what Trips might say.

If, however, Trips or anyone else decides to glance over his history as if he's been adrift for the past decade, I'll have PLENTY to say. Sting's history as stated by Trips was wrong and not just so, but was grossly negligent. Even Flair, as dense as I believe he can be, wasn't as forgiving of the mindless promo made by an egotistic elitist. If Sting wanted to be anywhere but owned by the machine, that's his business, no one elses and certainly not Hunter's. Yeah, I know it's scripted. Yeah, I know it isn't true to life, but some of the script bases itself in reality, where Vince and his cronies honestly believe themselves on an island where nothing else, nowhere else exists other than themselves.

So with this thought I leave this column where it sits, not looking back or even on the issue any longer.....Joe will always be on my short list of the best and brightest spots in TNA or anywhere else, for that matter. I wish you luck, champ. You'll wear the strap soon enough, wherever you land.

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  1. On the sting issue. do you think that now hhh as now made it so much wcw vs wwe matter that sting can ever win.

    And on that promo did you see the look on bookers face afterwards. It was ever the best acting or he was really piss off at something. My guess is the 2nd