Sunday, February 15, 2015

Many Happy Returns.....

I do something like this each year and this year is no different. HOWEVER, you may be surprised as to who is and isn't on the list. I've selected 5 names of men and women from a pool of former TNA roster members I would love to see make a return and win the major title for their gender. Every name mentioned hust have been member of the roster at some point and to that end, the names are in order from low to high.


5. Jay Lethal

This name is near and dear as Jay was arguably the best part of TNA during the Immortal saga with his Ric Flair brush and "Woo" off. One of the funniest things in any era at any time in wrestling. In spite of the flattery, though, his time was cut short and it was a travesty that it was so. That said, I think a more serious, more focused Jay with a more razor minded edge. Face it, with a mind like that at the top, it wouldn't just be dangerous, it just might be Lethal.

4. Jay Bradley

No, this isn't "Jay" day. When Jay Bradley was put into the Impact roster, I expected far more than I got; than any of us got. That, friends, was the fault of management. I wanted to see TNA's Bradshaw put in a position where he could take the ball and run with it and so, I DEFINITELY think he has the chops, but it takes more than just the chops, it's also the faith from the brass.

3. Lance Hoyt

The first break from the Jay's, but also one of the first believable big man underdogs TNA has been able to build. Anyone remember the "Fight for Your Right" Tournament? In the finals of the preliminary Battle Royal, he faced of against Abyss and nearly won the right to bye into the finals, but when push came to shove, he wasn't given the chance to shine. Clearly he thought he'd get more accolades than he did when he left for WWE, but that's another already old story.

2. D'Angelo Dinero

I know, right? With the Beat Down Clan in full swing with no one to stand in the gap. I choose Pope, but then, I'm totally wanting him to change his finisher name. It fits his character and I've had this in my head for AGES. "The Altar Call" Just think about it. Let it sink in.

1. Monty Brown/ Matt Morgan

I've never been so conflicted in all my life than I was about this one choice. I wanted to put history right and give a couple of guys a shot for their top spot, but I couldn't just pick I say bring back both and let them both have a run with the big belt.

WAIT! No Styles? No Daniels or Kazarian? No Double J? Why not? Truthfully, as much as I harped and harped and harped on TNA for not paying AJ or letting the contracts run out or not letting Jeff buy the company outright, life went on and right now, things in TNA aren't going badly. In fact, they're enjoying a great period of success building a network fanbase and that's something to be proud of and since each of the guys are satisfied doing what they love with the families they love working for, I see no reason to upset the apple cart for the sake of my personal taste in the matter.

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