Monday, February 16, 2015

More, You Say?

Okay folks, I've covered returns for the men....and now for the ladies. Ahh the Knockouts. They truly are the jewel of televised women's divisions. As of yet, there are no comparisons. So for my wish list, I am going to make a few demands and state that there are a couple of gals on this list that were never given their place on the roster....shame on you TNA.

5. Taeler Hendrix

You had her and never did anything with her. Not a good thing, TNA. Let's get her back before her Rosebuds routine becomes commonplace.

4. Taylor Wilde

I know, I's this thing with the multiple people with the same first name. Yesterday it was Jay, today it's Taylor (Taeler) get the idea.

3. Ivelise Valez

I'll never forgive this one as long as she is still floating around on the open market, Dixie. She won her match, she deserves her spot. PERIOD.

2. Salinas

I think I've mentioned her before, but when Shelly Martinez was released, I was LIVID. Seriously, I could not get myself calmed down and it all stemmed from a desperate need to have enough women in the Knockouts Division who could actually carry a match from beginning to end without messing things up and she could get it done in the ring. Bring her back, peeps.

1. Alissa Flash

I'm a fan. I never understood how they allowed her to get away without having won the big belt in the division in commanding fashion. She should have been to the Knockouts Division what Matt Morgan could have been to the World Title. There was no good, legitimate reason not to make this true.

SO, now that I have that out of my system, there's one more thing I'd like to discuss....a return that was NOT on my list, but a welcome one in my book. That return, is Crimson. For a time, I was hesitant about accepting this development, but the truth is, he was given some time and even got over with fans to an extent. I even think he could have been worked to the top eventually, but he got stuck in upward moving traffic. TNA had an order of their brand new champions to christen and he was further down the list than he was willing to wait for.

So where does he fit this time around? Alongside newcomer Drew Galloway, who could very well become champion here where Vince would never allow it in his company. Seriously, folks, TNA has made a business out of creating champions out of people Vince used and abused without giving out chances at the big time. Christian, Anderson, even Bully Ray and each were made into legitimate threats to the title scene once their reign was over. It could happen for Crimson OR Drew. It's kinda nice to have a title scene that keeps you guessing....isn't it?

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