Friday, February 27, 2015


By show of hands, can anyone tell me why I would take week long breaks from time to time from writing here? Anyone? I'm going to let you all in on a little secret that isn't a secret. Ever since I went on a tirade of over a year straight, I was given some very sound advice from one of you....."write when you have the inspiration". Good stuff and I do thank you, for giving me that freedom or rather the advice to take that freedom to heart. Now, I take my own advice to you all, I watch the patterns and do a lot more analysis into motives and the 'why's' and all the rest of it. The climate of the wrestling business is changing into something we, as wrestling fans, have never seen before.

Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, TNA,'s the single best mix of varied styles since the Monday Night Wars. If you like the glint and the money, chances are you're a WWE fanatic. If you prefer the familiarity of Attitude Era focus on Tag Teams, Women's wrestling, and new champions, you might consider TNA home. But if you like an indy style with some good commentary and some of the best technical prowess to be found, Ring of Honor and Lucha might be more your flavor. In times past, you had territories and such and those days were the golden age of the craft and it all led us into sharing of talents and finally consolidation into one entity that spanned the country and ultimately the world. Those days might be over, but the spirit of days past lives on in the guise of these independant entities that are gaining ground once more. NWA, CZW, GFW, NJPW, AAA.....every last one gains steam and rolls forward, in ways that years past haven't been able.

This is an new era, folks, and the craft is changing to bring audiences closer to the action. Despite my distain for the WWE product, they have done something I find valuable....they have brought their developmental product to the dance. NXT is the best decision they've made in the past decade in regards to giving a spotlight to young talents needing seasoning. This isn't saying that promotions like TNA or Lucha or ROH haven't had their own success, but it IS giving credit where credit is due and with WWE finally releasing Rey Mysterio from his contract, Lucha is about to get even more interesting as he has gone on record saying he's on his way eventually.

Seeing all of this come to fruition is truly something to behold and it does give me hope that WWE won't be the only show in town for much longer, not that I want to see them FAIL, but rather seeing the monopoly end. Wrestling is a marketplace and should always embrace variety and change and new ideas and a monopoly doesn't allow for that. One company cannot decide what is and isn't a legitimate champion, as WWE historically has failed at repeatedly. Saying Sting hasn't been around in 14 years denies all credibility and legitimacy due to TNA, even as an outside promotion. That doesn't respect variety, but rather promotes elitism....not cool.

No other organization does that, at least none with any sense of self respect or respect for the craft. I know, I'm harping on WWE again, but this point MUST be conceded. I love this pastime, I truly do and it simply does no favors for one organization to belittle the fans or other organizations because of their taste or reach. Simple as that. But as I've been saying all along, the days of one promotion ruling the world are in the process of coming to an end as even factions like Bullet Club are rippling to the surface. It's truly refreshing to see and I think it bodes well for the next generation and the health of the business as a whole moving forward.

So I come back to this page, continuing to encourage you all to take the advice, watch the patterns and be inspired by the newness of things in this business. It's something we may never see again in quite the same way.

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