Monday, March 30, 2015

DX vs. The nWo....

Did it HAVE to play out like this? Sting goes down in his innaugural and, quite possibly, last WWE event and in front of a massive crowd. Is that unacceptable to ANYONE else? Sure, we get a face off between two pieces of history, but in the end, WWE rewrites history yet again and the last piece of WCW is put to bed.

Okay, Wrestlemania, all things considered, wasn't a total loss, but Sting's loss proves something important to me.....Vince and company has no respect for history and the fans' appreciation of it, which is a problem for me. Not to play this too heavy handed, but this match wasn't EVER about the factions of the two rival organizations, it was about Sting vs. The Authority. THAT'S what they promised, but that ISN'T what we got. No matter what anyone else says, there is no business as usual after this....not to my mind. When you include the old school factions, something new has been integrated that demands closure and I can almost guarantee no closure will come of this.

Sure, Trips and Steph were punished for it later, but they had the chance to give a Legend his day in the sun and he never got it....not in the way he deserved. Trips needed to be embarrassed, humiliated in the storyline.....having been had by a 56 year old man who played the game better. The fans deserved to see The Authority get a black eye from this with The Rock adding insult to injury, but they didn't get THAT either. Instead, Trips and Steph ride the night fantastic and are allowed to exist in a place where WCW was never a threat and Sting's influence on history can be dismissed as nothing more than an entertaining story from long ago in a land far, far away.

Does anyone remember that little piece of footage I posted here a number of years back where Sting talked about the Rock "burying" Booker T that one time? Seems to me that The Rock buried Sting from three segments away by giving Trips the embarrassment he had coming from the actual storyline instead of trying to bring back history to get more mileage out of it. That's it, Vince, keep beating the may be dead already, but go ahead and keeping beating it.

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