Friday, March 13, 2015

So Let's Just Say.....

Okay, guys. With loud voices, you guys say to hold 'em. Fine. Let's have a look at a few things to varify the worthiness of the choice. Each of these members of the roster have been signed or resigned as of this post:

Matt Hardy
Taryn Tarrell
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Bobby Roode
Eric Young
Angelina Love
Tigre Uno

You like so far? Good, then let's look at who is near a lock for the coming months. Two more signings look to be imminent and likely to debut within the May tapings block: Shane Helms and Pope D'Angelo Dinero. Can somebody toss me a glass of water? 'Cause I have a few things to say about this development.

First off, shame on TNA for letting Pope go in the first place. With one of the best microphone personas in the business today, Pope was on FIRE in his last tenure. That said, upon his re-emergence, I expect there to be some kind of run on the top tier. As for Shane Helms? Expect him to join up with the Hardys in their quest for the Tag Team least at first. Following that? I fully see him turning heel and running that way for a time.

With all of that said, there ARE reasons to be excited about the coming months, but I'm still holding out some strands of hope for Styles to make a comeback, even if just for a short 6 month long storyline.

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