Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Chosen One....Sit Back Down, Jarrett

Drew Galloway, AKA The Chosen One. One or two moments of indiscretion made Vince's chosen one into a second rate jobber.....or did it? This isn't about the little incident that bought Drew his mid-card spot in WWE, but rather where he sits right now....

On the surface, Drew Galloway is just the new guy on TNA's block at the mid-card level, but underneath that....THAT'S something interesting. As of this post, he's holding the World Title for Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) and EVOLVE and holds the Open the Freedom Gate Championship with Dragon Gate USA. That's three top titles for three separate indy promotions, one of which HAD television ties in the southern tip of the US.

So why the sudden profile drop? To give you all the message: watch this guy and his rise. Drew Galloway has the makings of this year's newest first time champion on a major promotion in the western world. In spite of what ANYONE has to say about Destination America, they ARE good partners for TNA and have gotten decent ratings for their tenure thusfar, for a network nearly half as large as Spike, but without the maddening marketing entanglements that Spike imposed at nearly every turn. But the partnership with Destination America isn't what this is about, not exactly. What I AM trying to say is that in spite of the hiccup that was Spike's lack of enthusiasm for the brand, TNA is STILL the number two promotion in North America and has a massive footprint outside the United States to actually rival Vince.

This fact makes Drew Galloway very valuable as a pickup for TNA. We get to see TNA do what they do best; make something special out of what Vince had neither the patience nor the foresight to recognize. TNA made Christian a World Champion. TNA made a legitimate threat out of Matt Morgan, if not a world title holder. TNA made Bully Ray into a legitimate singles star. TNA created good, solid characters from what Vince determined to leave behind. And they're about to do it again with Galloway.

Despite WWE's success, and I will give them that word....SUCCESS with this Wrestlemania season, TNA is still gaining ground, having finally secured some more ground outside the US. I use the word FINALLY as it took some time to bring Canadian viewers back into the fold, but FIGHT Network picked up the ball and is running with it, bringing the three currently running shows from TNA to their programming audience beginning April 3rd.

The American market is still working on the incline, but with increases in viewers each year and TNA as Destination America's highest rated show at the moment, I see the trend of growth continuing as well it should with more characters debuting and Drew Galloway being just one in that number, but one who has his time coming.

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