Monday, March 30, 2015

WWE Hate? Close.

So I went to my old friends and demanded to see what I only read about yesterday: Triple H vs. Sting's match from last night. I stand by my statement that bringing in DX and the nWo was a colossal waste of time and did nothing to further the reign of The Authority. Sting was beaten, leaving Triple H as the ONLY party looking strong in the outing. I stand by my opinion and make no apologies for it.

But does this make me a WWE hater for my opinion on the Sting issue? Nope. True, I do hold a great deal of contempt for WWE for their candor on a number of controversial decisions they've made over the past decade, especially, but does that mean hatred HAS to be the only answer? I don't think so. I like to call it "thinking without blinders".

What about Bray Wyatt? Has anyone given ANY thought to HIS future? Okay, he sustained a pre-match injury, I get it.....but there ARE other options, I mean besides forcing Wyatt into a loss. Take another look at the card and look at the results.....

Sting lost via crook. Cena won with yet another out of nowhere vic. Bryan won without putting anything on the line, just as predicted. Is any of this getting through? What's to be gained by shutting down Wyatt's run as a rising heel? Who has something to gain by helping Wyatt win his match? I say we trade the crook strategy from Sting's match and give it to Wyatt instead.

So what does that make the storyline look like once the smoke has cleared? The Authority STILL has an axe to grind, Cena, Bryan, Rollins and all the rest get their just desserts, Sting's send-off (if that's what it was) remains a true nod of respect, and Wyatt continues to give WWE a proper villain, whilst not making Taker look weak. How is this not a good plan?

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