Wednesday, April 29, 2015


TNA has been hit this year over and over again with unfortunate circumstances; from Eddie Edward's broken ankle to Taz's release to the losses of Velvet Sky, Bully Ray, and most recently, Hector Guerrero.....but the most recent hit could be disastrous unless the newly christened member of TNA's creative team is able to turn this into something profoundly amazing.

Jeff Hardy, in a motocross bike accident, has broken his leg. This puts TNA in yet another uncomfortable situation, having to remove the Tag Titles from the Hardy's just as they did from the Wolves, but without full disclosure, there's little more than speculation that can be done.

To add to the woes, an unnamed talent went to corporate and outright threatened to leave the promotion bound for GFW if his pay was ever late again.

Right now, TNA has 47 active wrestlers on their roster. Of those in that number, few hold the kind of sway with management it would take to have this issue resolved so quickly. It does, however, speak to a new issue in TNA's history......the first time that so many events have been taped in succession without having them aired. What most people skip out on when the issue of TNA's paid talents are concerned is that TNA is taping TONS of footage that won't be aired for some time. This means that first run paydays the network gives won't come into the TNA Treasury account until said footage airs and, in the case of many businesses around the globe, paychecks haven't gone out because they're waiting for money due. So what we have here is a unique problem TNA has never faced before.

WHAT?! Some might say...."What about when they taped months in advance during the reign of Hogan?!" Sure, TNA did tape their Impact broadcasts a month or even two ahead of the airings, but right now, it's not just Impact. They're doing Xplosion ahead, Impact, along with their monthly specials and all the promotional work the talents have been booked for......these things aren't free, people....they cost money. TNA is spending a great deal of money on production costs, most of which is coming out of pocket and from outside investment sources just to keep the doors open. This isn't a failure....far from it. In fact, this is a learning process that Vince McMahon had to deal with in his early days as well. In the early 90's, WWF taped their shows as well and the thing Vince never had to deal with, was the sheer volume of technology at his fingertips and the amount of first run programming today's fans are accustomed to having access to.

YouTube and all the rest of the other vehicles for putting the product on display are in full swing, which means that TNA HAS to stay ahead of the curve and keep people interested until the next broadcast, which means putting together vignettes and behind the scenes footage to be aired on YouTube and their own website. Keep in mind that each talent in said footage may get paid per appearance and each appearance MAY count as a separate appearance from Impact to behind the scenes segment. This kind of stuff adds up. This isn't any excuse because ALL PAYCHECKS SHOULD ARRIVE ON TIME. But this is a problem TNA officials CAN fix, provided they redouble their efforts to remain conservative in their spending on the fringe.

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