Monday, April 27, 2015

Whose news is Bigger?

Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett are squaring off in, quite possibly the worst way....ever. Within the past 48 hours, TNA announced the inclusion of Revolution Pro Wrestling visionary and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan as a member of their creative team. On Jeff Jarrett's GFW side of the fence, they've announced working with former WCW and TNA consultant Eric Bischoff. Whose news is bigger?

FACT: The inclusion of Billy Corgan means the likely returns of a couple of underutilized talents including Jay Bradley. Revolution Pro Wrestling was Corgan's baby; his promotion hand built and it had/ has a following still. In fact, the most current card has the most prominent former TNA alum in a face off for their World Title, AJ Styles.....

What is still managing to haunt TNA, and especially in the past few months has been cashflow. For whatever reason, whether it be faulty record-keeping or simply oversight, paychecks are not making it to certain on TNA's paid staff. This isn't just localized to production or any department, but across the board and even led to the departures of a few talents on the roster, not the least of which was the partner of Josh Matthews, Taz. While Taz was also running a profoundly successful podcast, his TNA paychecks were doing most of the work, but in more recent weeks, he has garnered a massive audience....enough to even rival Colt Cabana.

All of this begs the question of whether it's good business to take on more weight when it seems difficult for TNA to maintain what talent they have, but over the course of the past couple of weeks, paychecks have been coming to catch up. Whether those monies are coming from Panda Energy or from the TNA treasury, I have no clue, I only know that talents from every department are happy to finally be compensated for their efforts.

So what do YOU guys think? Is TNA making the best of what's available to them or is the Corgan move too bold and too soon? My opinion is simple: new minds help bring about new innovations and in Corgan's case, he brings a great perspective to the table. After all, you can't run a successful independant promotion without having at least SOME idea of how to progress a storyline. I say good luck and I wish TNA all the best in this current venture. As for GFW?'ll see what a mistake this is once you look in your bank account.

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