Thursday, May 7, 2015

12 Hours to Speculate....

So right now, I sit up and read that a former World Heavyweight Champion will referee the title match on this week's live Impact and I wonder who that could be. Since this isn't the open ended "a former World Champion returns" type of deal that will only end in disappointments like Pac Man Jones, I have to believe this reveal will be something special, so I say we do some digging before we go any further......starting with schedules.....

AJ Styles, whom I would have wished for, will be busy for the next two days, in Piedmont, Alabama and working for NWA the following day, making him the first former World Heavyweight to cross of the possibilities list.

Chris Sabin now is under contract with Ring of Honor, crossing him off the list.

Sting is scheduled to be in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania for Wizard World's Comic Convention for an all day VIP event. This crosses the ICON off the list.

Before I go further with anything else on this.....I may have found the solution, provided that TNA sticks with TNA World Heavyweight Champions. Here's the math:

Since the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was first introduced on May 17th, 2007, there have been 16 different World Champions. Moving along the same thread, we've eliminated 3, leaving 13. From there, we can readily eliminate any who are currently on the TNA roster, that number being 10. That leaves 4. Among those in the number:

Samoa Joe, Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray, and Mick Foley

I've been hearing reports that Samoa Joe could be starting with WWE as soon as July and, if rumors hold true, that eliminates him. Leaving just 3.

According to Mick Foley's website, he's still offering a Wrestlemania dream vacation for one "lucky" fan, which all but excludes him from contention, simply from a conflict of interest standpoint and, with his history of frustration with TNA management, I would argue that he's not a viable option....even for a guest referee role. That leaves just TWO.

So we're down to Rob Van Dam and Bully who makes sense? RVD left with the Hogan regime and Bully took Velvet Sky with him......who makes more sense to return? This one should be a no brainer......

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