Sunday, May 3, 2015

Oh Billy.....

So here's the goal of this column: I want to be optimistic about what's coming down the pike with a new head of creative at the helm of TNA's team. To that effect, I'm going to do some speculating about the kinds of things TNA could do to freshen things up....from a creative standpoint, anyway. In that spirit, here's how I would confront the challenge and how, I can see things moving.....

1. Factions.....Either go big or go home
We've gone around and around about this, but right now, there's two factions running with a third working the Tag Division. I say bring in more factions or give them a break altogether. TNA's faction history is exhaustive, but factions ARE familiar so regular fans are already used to them. This has two effects, though, it forces writers to come up with brand new debuts and it fills the ring with body clutter unless everyone has a role to fill. Also, TNA has never gone full bore with their factions as I've been asking for for years.

2. A brand new gimmick's about time
I had such high hopes for Eric Bischoff's creative direction, but was woefully disappointed when we weren't rewarded with a gimmick match the likes of the Elimination Chamber. TNA needs a new type of match they can call their own. The Survivor Series in a Cell a.k.a. Lethal Lockdown was innovative, but we can do better with more years under the belt.

3. Hardcore.....WWE ain't going there
Elements of the hardcore culture still are out there and TNA has done a FAR better job tapping into said culture and satiating their cravings for blood, sweat, and tears. Under Corgan, I see nothing but the same and even moreso.

4. Expansion.....meeting of the minds
With the Smashing Pumpkins as the "spokesband", so to speak, TNA is going to be able to find their way into arenas they weren't able to before, regardless of their previous history. Corgan has connections, make no mistake and I see grand possibilities as the promotion moves forward.

5. Fresh faces......they've never been here before
Whether it has been by hook or crook, TNA has always somehow managed to pick up some unexpected gems. EC3, Matt Hardy's return, character transformations from existing member of the roster, and all sorts of cameos and true signings, I see nothing to tell me the trend won't continue.

And this is just the beginning, folks. I have every reason to believe that TNA has it in them as well as Billy in him to make this contract something special.....

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