Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Slumber....

How did this happen? Destination America has reportedly just pulled the plug on TNA's lifeline on their network and now, once more, TNA is homeless. After having brought in a new creative mind to aid in their product itself, we now have a very large problem.

When Spike TV let their contract go by and determined not to renew their relationship, I was both upset and yet still hopeful. Now that this has gone down, I have no clue what to feel about it. When Destination America decides that the cost of TNA's product is too high for the kind of ratings it's putting up, even if it leads the ranks of ANYTHING they have on tap for the moment, it makes me question the decision, but I digress. After all, the decision has been made.

So what now? Does the roster throw in their lot with GFW? After all, most of the current talents have contracts that move through the year. So what happens to that? Does this mean that TNA will fold after all this time? For real, guys...this is serious business. It was something of a minor miracle that TNA was able to find themselves a partner in the short term, but I expected MUCH longer than a half season's worth of programming and not this.

It also calls into question this blog, doesn't it? Do I continue to provide whatever passion still exists for the sport of wrestling but for another up and coming fed or do I toss in the towel? I have no clue whatsoever, hence the silence leading me to this point. I've been at this for nearly 6 years and have logged in over 1000 columns on the subject. I've been right and I've been wrong, but now.....I haven't any idea where to go from here and, though I'm sure the team in Nashville is doing everything they can to put together some kind of deal to last through the year and hope someone else picks them up, I can't begin to predict what that might look like.

I've fought hard and done my best to convince the masses that TNA is worth the price they bring to the table, but now.....the curtain falls on Destination America and another chapter may begin OR it may be the end of the war....I'll keep bringing news here as it becomes available, but once the final countdown has elapsed, I don't know what to do next.

What do you guys think? Do I hang it up? Do I throw in my lot with another fed and hope for the best? Do I walk back to WWE and rough it out? Toss in a comment below and let me know what you think?


  1. So now you believe the rumor from Meltzer too!? Wow.