Sunday, May 31, 2015

The "TWO-FER" Experiment

Destination America is becoming a very different animal than I had initially expected them to be. Why? For starters, it seems they've given TNA something of an ultimatum, meaning that they are looking for a larger audience, something big....something more promising than what they've seen thusfar. While, some like me believe that the current ratings are more than could have been realistically expected beforehand, those in power want more. My guess is that they want something that can rival WWE on some level. Hence their power play. Destination has signed Ring of Honor. The first episode airs this week.

What does THIS show? Right now, the running belief is that they are expecting ROH and TNA to foster some kind of talent exchange and even some runover into each other's shows and perhaps even a special or two moving ahead. It's no secret that ROH has had some hard feelings due to some of their highest tier talents leaving for TNA in the past, and with New Japan on ROH's short list of foreign relations, TNA could use that pull if they want to have any chance of AJ Styles lacing up his boots for one last run in a TNA ring. Is it possible? Maybe. Heck, even Bad Influence aka. The Addiction with their added Chris Sabin ingredient could find themselves back in the TNA spotlight.

From a fan's perspective, this could be a dream come true and could spell something great on Wednesday nights in the land of prowrestling. From a booking and creative standpoint, this decision is dangerous. Why? Both organizations have their own top tiers and both have high standards to uphold and both want to showcase their best talents in a way that makes each look strong and makes their promotion look top notch. How this can be done is of UTMOST importance and creative heads will be beating together as the two organizations have had among the rockiest of histories between allies. This is going to be a tough road, but if both sets of creative forces can co-exist, we could be looking at the beginning of something extremely beneficial for everyone involved.....and could salvage what, right now, looks like a bit of a train-wreck.

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