Friday, December 11, 2015

New Network= New Opportunities or The Same Problems?

I've stayed silent for all this time for two reasons and two reasons only:

1. I've been waiting for something of note to go down one way or another


2. Quite frankly, I've gotten so sick lately of feeling like TNA is just stalling and have just stopped caring until now....

So now that a couple of things have come to a head, I'm here to vent and try to make some sense of it all. On the one hand, TNA has signed contract with POP TV, which has a farther reach than Destination America, who have completely washed their hands of the wrestling scene altogether, turning to whatever else makes sense for them, which would have been complicated were it not for POP coming in at the eleventh hour. On the other, a couple of top stars have made it clear that they are open to making WWE home again and may consider taking at least one top TNA star along for the ride.

Both Jeff Hardy and Matt have gone on record saying they'd be open to doing work for Vince again and now that Bully Ray is already in the camp and sharing a bed with TNA's most Googled face....Velvet Sky, she may be already in talks if she isn't waiting to debut in NXT alongside James Storm.

But wait....there's more.....Brooke Tessmacher and Austin Aries are also out. Seriously, this is some bad news...which leads me to ask: how much more can TNA lose without going under? I honestly have no idea, but if they can't either manufacture some new stars or poach some from without, their little network deal with POP is only as good as whoever they can beg to stick around.....

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