Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pushing Back....

It was on this night that TNA a matter of speaking. The chants were faint, but they were there.....the night AJ Styles entered the Royal Rumble. I thought he would be buried beneath the masses of WWE's elite, but he even managed to get in his licks before being eliminated by a fellow ROH alum, Kevin Steen. In all this, I never mentioned HOW TNA comes out on top in this. Well, TNA can finally move on, with the knowledge that they burned a bridge that they had no business coming to. When the chips fell, AJ Styles was the good guy and the more loyal and now TNA can learn from their mistake and move on.

Yes, they looked like the jealous ex-girlfriend, and yes, it was almost painful to read the press release TNA gave concerning the exchange, but it did give fans the assurance that they did try to mend broken fences.

HOWEVER, what WWE did with their momentum was squandered with a victory that reminded me why I crossed the line the very first time. I'm glad I hadn't been watching in the weeks leading up to the event as I would have been every bit as frustrated with the fringe stuff as I was with the outcome of the Royal Rumble match itself, which could have been great, even going so far as to stick a gigantic middle finger up at all the indy feds an second place finishers who lost their stars to the big man on campus. Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Jon Moxley, Finn Balor, and the list goes on of former ROH and TNA alums who could have been shown on camera at the same time with a decent amount of airtime and a chance to shine on one of WWE's biggest stages....but that's not WWE's bag.

TNA's golden boy is now in the hands of the giant. Good for them. Now that that's over, maybe they can move on to how they're going to move forward, away from this matter and into a brighter future....after all, TNA still could win this round. The viewership numbers ARE rising and the stars are getting about as bright as their prospects they're bringing into the fold. And now they can get back to the business of making someone from no one.

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