Tuesday, October 18, 2016

All the Ingredients....

So with all of the drama and upheaval surrounding TNA these days, I guess I've found it difficult to put into words all that's RIGHT with the product and, from this writer's perspective, that is a nagging little problem I'll have to have looked at. In the meantime, let me just say that the product right now as things currently stand is about as good as I've ever seen, with characters on point and the bulk of the divisions operating at peak. I have LOVED what the Hardy's are doing from every angle possible and the knowledge that MOST of the product in that little sphere is actually being written by Matt and Jeff and given the okay by Corgan as creative head makes everything on THAT side of the world right as rain.

It's also tough to see beyond the void left by some of the homegrown talent TNA had in their roost for so long. EC3 has become a kind of balm for what has ailed in that department, taking a former WWE develomental talent, turning the volume up, and taking him of the leash has made him into a potent young talent the likes of which proves TNA is still in the business of remaking careers with ever so slight tweaks and adjustments, not the least of which being creative freedom.

I'd also like to comment a bit on Gail Kim's induction to the Hall of Fame this year. She has EARNED her place. As arguably the single talent responsible for the Knockouts Division, Gail has embodied everything a woman wrestler should be. Durable, loyal, tried and true, this division suffered in her short absence and upon her return, she put the clock back right where she left off. Ms. Kim, as the TNA Enforcer, I would like to offer my personal congratulations for a job well done and a career one should strive to emulate.

I had a thought just this past week as WWE's Paige was suspended and began running roughshod on Twitter claiming she'd zip over to TNA and have a little program with Rosemary, which I found intriguing as just about anything. By show of hands, who's game for that, aside from me?

I've also been thinking that if TNA moved off into the sunset WITHOUT Dixie in tow, there is a wishlist I have for the company I am DYING to see brought about. Believe me, that column will be coming up soon, but for now, suffice it to say that all the pieces right now are right where they need to be in order to keep this ship running forward. Here's hoping the courts find a way to lock up the last bit of backstage politics with new management at the helm of the lot.

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