Monday, October 17, 2016

Final Crisis....

So this is where it ends....
So THIS is when it ends.....

I gotta admit; I expected more. More runs around the course; more grandeur; more glint, but alas, I-we- we get none of least not yet.

So the story goes something like this:

Dixie Carter has been doing things to try and secure funding for short term creating more minority shareholders in the company and that don't sit well with those with a larger stake to claim, more specifically Billy Corgan. In fact, her negotiations with potential investors and the like have met with such cataclysmic failure that Corgan has filed a lawsuit AGAINST the company he sits as President of.....a fact that is truly glaring.

What little success Dixie may have had in the early goings of her tenure with the company have not only evaporated, but have left such a dry hole in the ground that it has turned into sinking sand, consuming everything thrown into it.

So what now? Seriously. WHAT?! Tapings go out until the end of the month and then some, but then we have nothing. 2002-2016....a nearly 15 year legacy with admittedly very little to show for the efforts. I'm angry, folks.

I'm angry for all the potential stars who were cast out before their time or who were mistreated by those in authority over creative. Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal, Nikki Roxx, Daphne; you guys all deserved better.

I'm angry at Dixie for not standing aside and allowing other more capable hands hold the reins and dictate the direction of TNA. I defended you and fought for you tooth and nail and this company has become a smoldering hole in the ground as a result. Your pride and lack of understanding of the true condition of the business you're in is unforgiveable as all of this COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED! There were TWO separate times when the tides could have been shifted.

1. In the week or two prior to Hulk Hogan and company showing up, had their intentions been made more clear about the production vision and how they planned on changing the product off the off, fan backlash would have shown where the best benefit could have been seen.


2. In the wake of the Immortal clan's departure, if company loyalty had been rewarded more readily, WWE would not hold the contracts of some of the best talents TNA ever had in their stable.

"The road not taken" eh?


So what we have now is a case of hurry up and wait. Until Corgan and the rest of the minority shareholders put their case before court, things look to be moving at a snail's pace.

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  1. First off I'm glad you're doing the blog again, I have missed it. It's just a shame it's because everything is going wrong.

    I still have one glimmer of hope that something is coming.

    I'm really hoping that the matt Hardy tag team final deletion that he has come up with for new year will take place. The fact that they have offered both wwe and roh wrestlers a chance to compete is also interesting and hopefully the start of a rebrand