Monday, October 3, 2016

It's Done....Isn't It?

Last night, TNA put on a slugfest and, perhaps, the last of an era as the financial future of the company hangs in the balance. I've toted the line of TNA's virtues for a number of years, putting a great deal of columns here on display for the masses of you who would read daily what kinds of reasons I would make as to their legitimacy as a rightful and deserving alternative to the WWE machine. I hung the mantle up for a while and came back to try and pick the line up a few times, but to be honest, each time I pulled the cord, it became tougher and tougher to drag as more and more former TNA talents would leave, finding themselves in WWE's good graces. AJ Styles found himself in the top tier; Bobby Roode was met with a "Glorious" reception; Joe and even Eric Young, to a lesser extent, was given a welcome of sorts.

And so I wonder TNA done? Could it be that the company upon whose name this blog is built moreorless could close their doors in the wake of a financial coup with another organization? Is this past evening's Bound for Glory the final swan song for TNA? Insiders claim that this weekend is the final cutoff for negotiations moving forward as WWE are interested in the video library that spans their entire 14 year journey, with matches spanning the past decade of lost time with former talents like Kurt Angle, Jeff and Matt Hardy, The Dudleys, as well as Gail Kim and other Knockouts and talents of the fairer sex. The library is a treasure, to be sure, and WWE is right to pursue it as their treatment of Sting was criminal, at best on the "grandest stage".

As for this site? I honestly have no idea. My time has been so focused on putting food on my table and efforting myself into other ventures that I all but forgot this place, where I would put legs to my thoughts and worked at refining my craft. I enjoy this outlet and I will always have a fondness for TNA and will even now say that they are the most innovative company going right now, but I would also daresay that this is twilight rather than daybreak for the little company that could.

And so I leave this question into you....Should I try another run and see what happens? Do I put myself out there on another topic and find some treasure there? In any case, this site was birthed by one question and one question only...."Wouldn't it be cool if.....?" And now I leave it to you....what's next?

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