Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Good Parts of WWE...Yes There are Some.

Hello everybody, I am The Fighting Cripple and I know it has been a very long time since last writing for this blog and when I left I was becoming pretty disenfranchised with the WWE. This seems to come in cycles with me after the end of the Attitude Era. I get tired of the bland state of the company and then they do something to reel me back in. Don't get me wrong I am not the fanboy that I was during those glorious years of Degeneration X  and Mick Foley but I will say, there has been some aspects that have me watching every week again and I want to go over them now.

The Feud Between Sasha Banks and Charlotte
Its no secret that the Women's Division has struggled since the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus graced the mat, but this rivalry has been fantastic. On one side you have the arrogant daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte. She is great at being a heel. She is such a bully and does such horrible things to her father that you just want to hate her. On the other side you have the determined, much smaller underdog, Sasha Banks. This mixture has led to matches that can easily be compared to some of the great rivalries in history. They have even participated in one match that hadn't been done before, a Hell in a Cell match and they will be in another on Dec 18 at Roadblock.  It is on this night that they will be in a 30 minute Iron Man Match. They bring out the very best in each other and make it very convincing that they actually hate each other. If they can spread some more of that talent around the women's locker room, the company could have a goldmine on their hands.

The Introduction of the Cruiserweight Division
When I first heard they were going to be introducing the 205 division to Raw, I will admit, I was cautiously optimistic. They have had a smaller division before with mixed results. Its well known that Vince likes the big guys. Then when "The Brian Kendrick" became the second Cruiserweight champion, I just assumed they were going to use the little guys to give him one final push. Well, he lost the title fairly quickly  to Rich Swann on the debut of 205 Live, the company's exclusively cruiserweight show. The match at Survivor Series for the rights to the division was also a very neat idea. I hope that this gives the smaller guys a way in to the WWE that they didn't have before.

TNA Talent Being Treated Fairly for a Change
Anyone who has kept an eye on the talent across their career will know that when someone leaves WWE, if they don't retire, will end up in TNA. When the tables are turned and a TNA talent comes to WWE they usually find their new homes in WWE to be less than hospitable. That is until AJ Styles showed up. The current WWE World Champion is the cornerstone of Smackdown and has an entertaining feud with James Ellsworth (thanks to Dean Ambrose). It doesn't always happen this way, Samoa Joe has been stuck in the NXT purgatory for quite some time. There are some rumors out there that Bobby Roode is going to get the call up to debut at Royal Rumble. So, at least some of the TNA guys are getting what they deserve.

Great Tag Teams
The tag team divisions across all three WWE brands are very strong right now. The New Day just became the longest reigning WWE tag team champs of all time. Randy Orton is a full fledged member of the Wyatt Family, Sheamus and Cesaro have had an entertaining  run and my favorite duo right now, Big Cass and Enzo Amore, are constant crowd favorites. NXT had the Dusty Rhodes Invitational Tag Team Classic which had great matches and crowned the Authors of Pain as the winners of the tournament. It also introduced this generation to the shark tank when they put Paul Ellering in the cage and hung the cage above the ring during the final match of the tournament because he kept getting involved.  

The Raw vs. Smackdown Idea is Finally Working
The last reason I have been so engrossed in what the WWE has been doing is because they are finally making something work that they planned a long time ago, the battle of the brands. Survivor Series was a shining success when it came to making the battle strong. There were 3 traditional survivor series matches, one for the men, one for the women, and one for the tag teams. But it has continued on each show's individual storylines. This last Monday a disgruntled Sami Zayn threatened to jump ship over to Smackdown if Foley didn't give him a match with Braun Strowman.

Overall, there is still much that can be fixed within the company and the product, but those are the reasons why I still watch.  Thank you for reading and please let me know why or why you are not still watching the WWE. Thanks!

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