Friday, October 28, 2016


SO....anybody wanna get down and dirty into a few of the lawsuit details?

Here's what Billy Corgan has claimed:

He had no idea the kind of financial straits TNA was in when he was first courted by Dixie as a perspective buyer, but jumped in knowing that the company was in the forefront on the wrestling scene. As a minority shareholder, he was made the President of the company and then was barred from his day to day duties by another minority shareholder. That part is profoundly confusing, admittedly, but let's press on. AND this part is the one that throws me......Dixie's share in the company was put on the line to cover any expenses owed IF TNA was not able to pay back the losses in investments covered by Corgan himself.

All this to say that Corgan wants ownership and majority control of the company to try and right the ship, provided that there is a way to do so. Backstage, more people than not are wanting to see this side of the scenario triumph, with Dixie finally leaving the company for good.

NOW....Dixie's lawyers are contending that Corgan knowingly walked into this nightmare and is now preying on a company that has few assets with which to pay back whatever is owed. They claim this as a case of "predatory lending at its worst." They claim that Corgan's loaning of liquid funds were simply a way for Corgan to gain higher ownership stake that Dixie allegedly agreed to pay up as an option for failing to repay the loan.

My take in all of this?

Dixie has written out so many bad checks on TNA's behalf and can do no worse than she already has now that the cat is out of the bag. The longer this drags out and the more Dixie comes out swinging on her way out, the more desperate she appears and that, folks, is something that she has been supposedly trying to avoid.

I'm done making arguments for you, Dixie. You're on your own. Your promises have landed you right here, in front of the world and now that the throne is on the line, you may want to back down since the straits this company is in now requires more money to repay than you have proven you can handle. The game is over and it's time to move forward with more experienced players who can handle the responsibility.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

All the Ingredients....

So with all of the drama and upheaval surrounding TNA these days, I guess I've found it difficult to put into words all that's RIGHT with the product and, from this writer's perspective, that is a nagging little problem I'll have to have looked at. In the meantime, let me just say that the product right now as things currently stand is about as good as I've ever seen, with characters on point and the bulk of the divisions operating at peak. I have LOVED what the Hardy's are doing from every angle possible and the knowledge that MOST of the product in that little sphere is actually being written by Matt and Jeff and given the okay by Corgan as creative head makes everything on THAT side of the world right as rain.

It's also tough to see beyond the void left by some of the homegrown talent TNA had in their roost for so long. EC3 has become a kind of balm for what has ailed in that department, taking a former WWE develomental talent, turning the volume up, and taking him of the leash has made him into a potent young talent the likes of which proves TNA is still in the business of remaking careers with ever so slight tweaks and adjustments, not the least of which being creative freedom.

I'd also like to comment a bit on Gail Kim's induction to the Hall of Fame this year. She has EARNED her place. As arguably the single talent responsible for the Knockouts Division, Gail has embodied everything a woman wrestler should be. Durable, loyal, tried and true, this division suffered in her short absence and upon her return, she put the clock back right where she left off. Ms. Kim, as the TNA Enforcer, I would like to offer my personal congratulations for a job well done and a career one should strive to emulate.

I had a thought just this past week as WWE's Paige was suspended and began running roughshod on Twitter claiming she'd zip over to TNA and have a little program with Rosemary, which I found intriguing as just about anything. By show of hands, who's game for that, aside from me?

I've also been thinking that if TNA moved off into the sunset WITHOUT Dixie in tow, there is a wishlist I have for the company I am DYING to see brought about. Believe me, that column will be coming up soon, but for now, suffice it to say that all the pieces right now are right where they need to be in order to keep this ship running forward. Here's hoping the courts find a way to lock up the last bit of backstage politics with new management at the helm of the lot.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Final Crisis....

So this is where it ends....
So THIS is when it ends.....

I gotta admit; I expected more. More runs around the course; more grandeur; more glint, but alas, I-we- we get none of least not yet.

So the story goes something like this:

Dixie Carter has been doing things to try and secure funding for short term creating more minority shareholders in the company and that don't sit well with those with a larger stake to claim, more specifically Billy Corgan. In fact, her negotiations with potential investors and the like have met with such cataclysmic failure that Corgan has filed a lawsuit AGAINST the company he sits as President of.....a fact that is truly glaring.

What little success Dixie may have had in the early goings of her tenure with the company have not only evaporated, but have left such a dry hole in the ground that it has turned into sinking sand, consuming everything thrown into it.

So what now? Seriously. WHAT?! Tapings go out until the end of the month and then some, but then we have nothing. 2002-2016....a nearly 15 year legacy with admittedly very little to show for the efforts. I'm angry, folks.

I'm angry for all the potential stars who were cast out before their time or who were mistreated by those in authority over creative. Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal, Nikki Roxx, Daphne; you guys all deserved better.

I'm angry at Dixie for not standing aside and allowing other more capable hands hold the reins and dictate the direction of TNA. I defended you and fought for you tooth and nail and this company has become a smoldering hole in the ground as a result. Your pride and lack of understanding of the true condition of the business you're in is unforgiveable as all of this COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED! There were TWO separate times when the tides could have been shifted.

1. In the week or two prior to Hulk Hogan and company showing up, had their intentions been made more clear about the production vision and how they planned on changing the product off the off, fan backlash would have shown where the best benefit could have been seen.


2. In the wake of the Immortal clan's departure, if company loyalty had been rewarded more readily, WWE would not hold the contracts of some of the best talents TNA ever had in their stable.

"The road not taken" eh?


So what we have now is a case of hurry up and wait. Until Corgan and the rest of the minority shareholders put their case before court, things look to be moving at a snail's pace.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Answering the 10 Count....

So is it true? Is it NOT true? Is TNA's proverbial final swan song a done deal or are we being led by our noses? No matter what your opinion of the current product, whether jaded or stoked, satisfied or disappointed, the fact remains that the rumors of TNA being on legitimate last legs continue to run even as the most recent set of tapings wrap up for the week going all the way to November. I, for one, am completely lost in this....

First I hear that Bound for Glory may be cancelled for the first time as a purchase is written on the wall and in stone at that and then, at the 11th hour, an influx of funds comes in and saves the day on Bound for Glory AND the set of following tapings. THEN, I'm hearing news that WWE is posting leaks on their website that TNA's library may be coming soon to the network. Follow that with word that Dixie addressed the locker room just before the BFG PPV stating that she will NEVER sell to Vince no matter what.......yep....totally lost.....

So what's the real story? Well, simply put, I have no idea. I can speculate, but as far as putting together any kind of data to back said speculation up, it's really just a guess based on bits and pieces and wishful thinking. Keep in mind that there is no pattern to watch's almost entirely guesswork, but in order to fill in the blanks, we HAVE to know the players at the table.

1. WWE....They want the library. Seriously. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and everyone else WWE by way of NXT brought out of the free agent pool from the TNA or NJPW side of the fence have a legacy in those tapes...over a decade's worth of highly acclaimed matches and content to match as well as hype package fodder for the returns of any number of talents from their roster's's all there.

Now, if rumors are true, they have low-balled their offer on this little gem and it is truly an insulting deal to Dixie and company.

2. Aroluxe...Ron and Don Harris' company has a stake in this pot and, though my understanding of how MUCH stake is more than a little veiled, the fact of the matter is that they have a seat at the table.

3. Billy Corgan.....As a minority shareholder and the current President of the company, his interest is clear. Poking and prodding could reveal that Corgan and his contacts may have saved the company's big PPV and subsequent tapings to boot, but they could just as easily reveal that the funds came from the sale of his share to someone with a far more vested share in the outcome of the month or so of negotiations.

Could there be more? Absolutely. I've heard rumors that Sinclair Broadcasting, the parent organization hosting Ring of Honor is also interested in taking a stake in the company, but nothing is even written in crayon on the matter as far as a deal, from my understanding of the situation.

My HOPE is that the final piece to the puzzle reveals that a man I haven't heard one iota from since his final farewell over a year ago is the company's white knight and is finally wanting to put the gloves on and take the reins back for the first time in a number of years. But holding my breath for the return of Jeff Jarrett is NOT what I plan on doing until such time as his role is revealed, if it exists at all. Is it possible? Sure. Do I believe his return is smart business? Absolutely. It would give GFW a fully GLOBAL platform to launch a new banner from AND give TNA a rebranding to boot.

I've been preaching this ever since it was rumored he was returning to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame a long while ago. I still stand by it. If Dixie sold off her share in the company and allowed GFW to fold themselves into the fray, along with Jarrett's team of investors, I believe the company COULD bounce back and not only survive, but THRIVE with some of the best names in TNA's creative past as well as their talent past as well. Scott D'Amore and Jeff Jarrett working alongside Billy Corgan and the current crop or writers would be an amazing fit.

Setting aside this pipe dream, I acknowledge that without a set group of investors who are committed to the success and forward push of TNA, the end is absolutely nigh. I realize that it took a long time for me to say it, but I'm not blind in all of this. The breath of life is all that remains and must come soon.....

Monday, October 3, 2016

It's Done....Isn't It?

Last night, TNA put on a slugfest and, perhaps, the last of an era as the financial future of the company hangs in the balance. I've toted the line of TNA's virtues for a number of years, putting a great deal of columns here on display for the masses of you who would read daily what kinds of reasons I would make as to their legitimacy as a rightful and deserving alternative to the WWE machine. I hung the mantle up for a while and came back to try and pick the line up a few times, but to be honest, each time I pulled the cord, it became tougher and tougher to drag as more and more former TNA talents would leave, finding themselves in WWE's good graces. AJ Styles found himself in the top tier; Bobby Roode was met with a "Glorious" reception; Joe and even Eric Young, to a lesser extent, was given a welcome of sorts.

And so I wonder TNA done? Could it be that the company upon whose name this blog is built moreorless could close their doors in the wake of a financial coup with another organization? Is this past evening's Bound for Glory the final swan song for TNA? Insiders claim that this weekend is the final cutoff for negotiations moving forward as WWE are interested in the video library that spans their entire 14 year journey, with matches spanning the past decade of lost time with former talents like Kurt Angle, Jeff and Matt Hardy, The Dudleys, as well as Gail Kim and other Knockouts and talents of the fairer sex. The library is a treasure, to be sure, and WWE is right to pursue it as their treatment of Sting was criminal, at best on the "grandest stage".

As for this site? I honestly have no idea. My time has been so focused on putting food on my table and efforting myself into other ventures that I all but forgot this place, where I would put legs to my thoughts and worked at refining my craft. I enjoy this outlet and I will always have a fondness for TNA and will even now say that they are the most innovative company going right now, but I would also daresay that this is twilight rather than daybreak for the little company that could.

And so I leave this question into you....Should I try another run and see what happens? Do I put myself out there on another topic and find some treasure there? In any case, this site was birthed by one question and one question only...."Wouldn't it be cool if.....?" And now I leave it to you....what's next?