Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Well Oiled Machine.....

WWE.com has just announced the most recent inductee into the Hall of Fame for the Class of 2017 and the man they've chosen was the face of TNA for just over a decade.....Kurt Angle. When Angle came to TNA in 2006, there was never a bigger name to bring into the fold and since that time, he has put in HUNDREDS of amazing matches that have every reason to be called classics. With foils like Desmond Wolfe, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Sting; only one man has been consistently able to pull a great match out of even the toughest of acts and to that effect.....Angle is in some rare company.

3 Stages of Hell
Iron Man
Lethal Lockdown
Elimination Chamber
Hell in a Cell

There hasn't been a match in the WWE OR TNA archives that Angle hasn't tackled AND knocked out of the park and with over 30 different titles to his name, there are few who can claim to be his equal. The TNA Enforcer in me is in awe of who this man has become to the industry and how much of an ambassador he is to whatever company he finds himself a part of.

On behalf of THIS site, I send Kurt Angle MY sincerest congratulations for yet another title to add to the legacy of this well oiled machine....the cyborg.....the Olympic hero.....

Monday, January 16, 2017

Did I Say Something About Rebranding?

I have been talking about TNA getting a rebranding for a while now and some little evidences that COULD prove it's being done. That said, AT LEAST one of those is happening right now.


Yep. Seriously, folks, we're talking a HUGE deal on the Brown Bag Special, which normally contained a few DVDS and a T Shirt, but NOW, they've upgraded the number of DVDs by 1, added in another t shirt AND tossed in 3 random items for TWENTY BUCKS! Seriously, I have been telling people to buy it up when it happens, but now that it IS, I'm shouting it out.....BUY BUY BUY!!!!!

SO, as for OTHER signs of the sale?

1. Dixie is gone. I defended her, sided with her, and all around jumped on her bandwagon trumpeting her swan song for a long time. It wasn't until the thing behind the scenes fell off the rails altogether with Billy Corgan that I became ABSOLUTELY certain that if she didn't go, everything would come apart at the seams, leaving nothing....absolutely nothing left to salvage. And so she has, but her successor was something ELSE I called for.......

2. The return of Jeff Jarrett. I called for this back when the story about the mystery investor was running and I wanted it back then quite badly. I knew Jarrett was a far more capable negotiator than Dixie and have always known it. Even when he negotiated buying company back from Dixie behind the scenes, I was for it. THIS, however, is something slightly different from what I had in mind. I would have wanted to see TNA fold into the Global Force Wrestling banner, but what it looks like right now, is that it is far more likely that Global Force Wrestling AND TNA will take full advantage of the new branding as Impact Wrestling, which has been the more prominent label anyway. Jarrett may try and twist things, but he also may not and simply use Global Force as maybe even a developmental league, which would do the brand a WORLD of good.

3. New investors is a HUGE deal. Once Dixie was gone, there was only one thing left to do, find someone ELSE to sit at the helm. With ANTHEM Entertainment ALREADY as a partner AND the fact that they believed TNA's bones were good enough to shoulder the amassed debt Dixie and company had accrued over the past number of years, it seems like TNA has a good partner in them for at least the short term. Bringing back Jarrett was the best business decision they could have made and with the return of Jarrett, also brings back merchandise mover Don West, who brings this column full circle.

As for other changes within? The bulk of those remain to be seen, but the general feeling is that the whole enterprise being made is intended to bring the company back to the roots that made them a boom from 2003 all the way to 2008, when "TNA" chants were happening at WWE events anywhere in the country. It was THAT era, folks, that made WWE nervous. IF TNA puts the wrestling of that era with the CURRENT storytelling, you WILL have a force to be reckoned with.....make no mistake.