Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jabs from the Barricade....

So I gave some positives and negatives in the last column and I'd like to do some leg work on behalf of Impact Wrestling as it sits right now. I've seen some of the talent on the roster and I KNOW we can do better. That said, I've put together a list of people the Impact Zone NEEDS to spotlight in order to put the product back to levels around 2004-2006, where the product was as hot as it could possibly without blowing up fully. SOOOOOO.....without any further delay, let's launch in.

Ivelisse Valez
Taeler Hendrix
Shelly Martinez

Matt Morgan
Jay Bradley
Rey Mysterio

Now, having discusses Valez in the previous column, I won't elaborate further. On the other hand, I was SCREAMING at my TV when I saw Salinas and Hendrix shown the door. COMPLETE waste of talent. I sincerely believe that each of those ladies shone brighter AFTER leaving TNA and it made me believe fully that the powers in charge had NO IDEA what they had in Hendrix when she was on the roster. However, to understand the competition at the top of the Knockouts Division at the time, there was Tara, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, Taryn Tarrell, Madison Rayne and these are all top level talents, so for Taeler OR Shelly to make room would have been tough, but now? Right now is RIPE for fresh talent to bolster the ranks and fill the top spots rather than have Rosemary and Sienna trade the title forever.

Additionally, the Matt Morgan who won the Tag Team Titles and held them on his own with different partners at each defense was a GENIUS piece of writing. Morgan, to me, is one of those talents that could have and SHOULD have been pushed to the moon because he has the look, the intensity, and the tight moveset and timing to be able to handle the rigors of the top tier.

Now we've arrived at a sore spot....Jay Bradley. He made it to the show, lasted all of a cup of coffee and had no CLUE the kind of working talent they had under their belts. I would liken Bradley to  cross between JBL and Test. The more lean physique of Test with the mouth of JBL that could generate some serious heat. Jay, I'm still a fan, brother...

As for Rey Mysterio, having him in ANY capacity is cash in the bank and, honestly, about 3 years too late. On the other hand, Rey is still a draw and people will still tune in in droves to see him on television. I think that he's enough of a brand on his own that people in the WWE bubble who want to see Rey fighting for the X Division Championship would be intrigued and would tune in regardless of who he was facing.

So there's the beginning of my picks...believe me, there are others, but for right now, let's just be thankful for the stars they've been able to keep in the wings.

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