Monday, June 19, 2017

Let's Play a Game....

I've decided to do something a bit different here and put on my booking cap and try to give Impact Wrestling a challenge. I'm going to put together something I'd like to see and give Impact and the team of writers and bookers the task to do things better than what I have here. This scenario will see things play out in 3 week chunks as many of Impact's tapings run for a 3 week timespan. So without any further we go.

Chapter 1. Where we begin...

Impact begins with a special announcement that one of the current executives has a list of 6 names who are being groomed for a shot at the titles in their respective divisions. A Grand Champion, a World Champion, a Knockouts Champion, an X Division Champion, and a Tag Team. Now, over the course of the episode, the current title holders all get frustrated with the idea that "management" would be making these kinds of decisions instead of the champions taking challenges from potential challengers. Any current challenges on the table tonight will be honored. Everything ELSE is subject to change. This causes all 6 current champions to put themselves into the ring at the end of the show, where they all demand to know what the deal is. This brings out Bruce Prichard, who issues a statement from a source higher up that there IS some kind of new wave coming down the line and that in two weeks, that very executive will be here to address the rumors and innuendo. In the meantime, however, he has been told that NO title defenses will be honored by ANY champions...meaning that no challenges can be given by anyone and none can be accepted.


Chapter 2. All the Hype Money Can Buy....

The show starts with a figure dropping off a manila envelope onto the desk of Bruce Prichard. Inside are 5 invitations to be handed out over the course of the next 2 weeks' shows. Along with this are 5 instructions concerning HOW these invitations are to handed out.

1. Invitation ONE will be given to the Winner of an X Division Battle Royal
2. Invitation TWO will be given to a visitor that arrives in a Limo midway through the first show
3. Invitation THREE will be delivered to the winner of next week's Fatal Four Way Number One Contender match of the Unified World Title

4. Invitation FOUR will be given to the mystery partner of a match between Matt Morgan and LAX
5. Invitation FIVE will be announced at the end of the second show

The winner of the X Division match is Matt Sydel, who takes the envelope and is taken from the arena at the instruction of management.

The visitor comes to the show and is escorted by guards into the office with head covered and blurred. "You've got to be kidding me...I had no idea you were in town!" says Bruce Prichard as the door closes.

LAX gets into the ring and waits. Konnan grabs his mic and starts in..."So HERE is what I've been told: Matt Morgan gets himself another shot at a pair of belts he held with an old friend of mine! Mi Familia! I seem to remember that not going so well in the end!"

Bruce Prichard comes to the ramp, Matt Morgan in tow. "Boys, you seem to have this crazy idea that you being out here right now is going to do anything at all to help your case. So you've heard about the big guy, huh? Last I knew, he wasn't taking your calls anymore K-Dog! Nah, I found Mr. Morgan a tag teammate you know. In fact, I'll bet the two of you have seen a whole lot of each other over the years."

Just then, the lights go out and a short countdown begins, being aided by a voiceover....

"A former World Heavyweight Champion, Tag Team champion, with accolades reaching around the world, he hails from San Diego, California, weighing in at 227 pounds, Rey Mysterio!"

Suddenly the lights go up and Mysterio is behind LAX and he attacks from behind as Morgan runs in from the front and the two clear the ring. LAX win the first match, but not without outside interference.


Chapter 3. Bound...

Bruce Prichard begins in the ring stating that there are, indeed 6 names on this list and, for the record, Rey Mysterio WAS NOT the visitor who showed up mid-show last week. In fact, he was in talks for quite some time with this person before they decided to give Impact their stamp of approval again. The thing is, though, it wasn't just one person who showed up in that limo last week. I'd like to re-introduce one of the most dominant Impact players in the history of this company and his partner in the hunt, the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown and the "Huntress" Ivelisse.

Monty Brown has been entered into the Fatal Four Way match, along with Alberto el Patron, James Storm, and EC3.

Morgan and Mysterio beat LAX with a 619/ Carbon Footprint combo.

The Knockouts chase was broken up by Ivelisse, entering her into a Number 1 contender match for next week.

The final surprise of the night sees the executive walking through the corridors on his way to the ramp. In the final segment of the night, Jim Cornette, in accordance with the GFW merger, has now become a part once again of the Impact Zone.

"A few years ago, I left this company,hoping it would turn into a smoldering hole in the ground. Critics said it had no business being on the block and I left believing things would ride all the way to the ground. Once the powers that be in GFW started coming here, however, I started seeing things a little bit differently. But that's not why I'm here....

You see, I have in my hand the final invitation to give out and I'd like to give this final invitation to someone who has been on MY radar since he came to GFW and now that the two houses are coming together, someone I'm inviting to an exclusive competition leading to a brand new match never before seen and this thing is something so special, I'm not even going to tell about it just yet. But I'm bringing back the Bound for Glory Series this year and giving out 2 more spots in the next two weeks for 2 final competitors. Those spots will fill out the 8 man series and the winner will get a title shot at Bound for Glory."


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