Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Talent Pool...Who's Wading and Who NEEDS to get out....

I've decided to do something in between the release of these posts to try and streamline everything in such a way that makes my thinking here a little more clear: I WANT to get back to the daily of writing here and to that end, the booking hardcore thing IS going to happen, but I want to bring this audience into my head, so to speak.

Right now, the Global Force Wrestling roster contains some gems. Serious gems that, if tapped, could provide some explosive overhauls to the Impact roster since the merger is still underway. Let's look at the current Impact Wrestling roster as it sits today:

14 Knockouts of which only 6 are being used as in ring performers
49 Mens wrestlers of which 9 are either not in ring performers or not on camera enough to be considered necessary

I am not impressed, people. Just for fun, let me put some of the current names GFW has under their roster that could bring the mix up a WHOLE BUNCH.

Amber 'O Neal
Santana Garrett
Lei'D Tapa

Shelton Benjamin
Chael Sonnen
Chase Stevens
Colt Cabana
Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Guys, this short list....this very short list is just a few of the over 30 member list who could take this thing into a more robust land again, where the opportunity is there for the taking. That said, I will take on the idea that some of the current roster needs to either be utilized or cut loose. My list on the chopping block unless actions are taken:

Laurel Van Ness
Brandi Rhodes
Ava Storie
Rockstar Spud
Braxton Sutter

That's the surface here, folks. I DON'T like this whole thing with Laurel Van Ness/ Allie/ Braxton Sutter and it NEEDS to die. NOW. Put this thing back together or let them all go.

The rest are either not being used for anything useful or aren't being used at all, which doesn't help anything. I'm very frustrated by the strife in the announcers booth right now and I believe that the Borash and Matthews thing needs to go away and I'm prepared to lose Madison Rayne too if the whole dynamic refuses to shift. It'd hurt the division she's a part of, but I'm willing to fire Matthews AND Rayne and relegate Borash back to ring announcer replacing them with GFW's more robust Colt Cabana and Chael Sonnen team. If Pope isn't cleared as a performer, I LOVE him as an announcer.

I want to see hope again on this roster and right now, I don't see it with the booking running right now, which is a shame. A true shame. This whole booking thing is going to be an attempt to put things right and at least get the ball rolling again. The Knockouts Division has been about Rosemary and Sienna for too long and needs to expand. The X Division has held roughly 5 people for too long and needs to expand in one direction or another. The sideshow acts need to leave. There is far too much talent here being either under-represented or misused. With a roster this size, the cost of putting people on the sidelines here is too great to stand. Reno Scum, Decay, LAX, and Veterans of War have a good place here, but the Hotshots in GFW could bolster those odds.

Putting Shelton Benjamin into the Grand Champion hunt or at least giving Moose someone to fight with seems like a good option and having Kingston in the picture with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis while bringing in Davey Boy Smith Jr. would be something worth seeing.

The World Title has been about Lashley and El Patron for as long as Patron has been here and, while it's a decent feud, there needs to be more names in here fighting for the top spot. James Storm needs to step in or out now. EC3 has been great to see along with Magnus, but my putting Monty Brown back into the mix was a little left field dig and since he's been a personal trainer for the past few years, I figured it'd be something interesting for the column. As far as Ivelisse is concerned, I have no idea what her contract status is with Lucha Underground, but she is SO much better there than she was ever allowed to be in Impact.

The governors need to be taken off right now and we need to march with purpose into the future instead of wandering. That's just my opinion....take it for what it's worth.

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