Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When the Numbers DON'T Lie.....

Just when you think things can't get any more interesting.....

LAX is upset. They're talking in a vignette about burning things down and taking no prisoners. Bruce and Cornette are watching the feed and Jim says he has an idea about how to fix some of that and pulls out his phone. Bruce tells him to wait a minute, we already have some war seasoned members of the roster who could send a message.

With the inclusion of Ivelisse into the gold hunt now, Sienna is very upset as well and her cousin has come to the ring with her to make her case. She's decided that she is on a put this newbie back in line and put everyone else on notice....this is HER title and she's not going to give it up. About that time, out comes Rosemary with Kongo Kong, who has just decided to throw in with her the week prior in a backstage segment. Rosemary says that she has always been a contender and that her little vacation from the title hasn't stopped that from being true, which brings out Ivelisse and Monty Brown.

This segment has elevated to such a point that Bruce Prichard HAS to come out and put some order to the chaos. He sees quite a few pairings in the past few months and now knows he has a match to build.

LAX (Diamante and Homicide) vs.
Braxton Sutter and Allie vs.
Rosemary and Kongo Kong vs.
Ivelisse and Monty Brown vs.
Angelina Love Richards and Davey vs.
Alisha Edwards and Eddie vs.

This will be the first ever Inter-gender Tag Team Gauntlet match with the winning team moving on to the final where Sienna and KM will be waiting and both the very first BFG Series points AND Knockouts title are on the line. IF the winner of the match HASN'T already received an invitation into the series, it not only enters HIM, but gives him the points advantage out of the gate. The Knockout partner wins the title.

This match is set for the main event, but to recap the BFG Series competition so far:

Monty Brown
Rey Mysterio
Matt Morgan
Matt Sydel

The Fatal Four Way sees EC3 take a surprise win in the Number 1 Contenders match AND entry into the BFG Series

And in the main event, Braxton Sutter and Allie pull out the win for the title and BFG entry.

Jim Cornette comes down to the ring to address Braxton and Allie, congratulating them and handing Braxton his invitation to the BFG Series. This brings out LAX, who are none to happy and are here to collect on the deck stacking they feel has been done against them. Cornette says that he has no issue with them and that they had just as much chance as anyone of taking home the W this week. LAX moves down the ramp and are stopped by Morgan and Mysterio who get in the way, but are beaten down by the numbers game when the VOW come out and clean house for the save.

"You ain't the only ones who can set traps here, amigos!" Cornette screams into the mic.


Chapter 5. Rounding out the Edges...

Bruce, Dutch, and Jim are all talking about how this whole thing is going to work with Braxton winning the BFG first points when the contest hasn't officially started yet. Cornette says to hold on, that all it means is that he gets a bye from the first week's actual events. This week will fill out the final spaces in the Tourney with a 4 Corners Elimination Tag Match where the winning team picks a member to fill the spot OR they face off for it. To end off the night and the Series, incidently, we put together a Last Chance Triple Threat match for the final spot.

The BFG Series contains 8 spots, of which 6 have been filled

Matt Morgan
Rey Mysterio
Braxton Sutter
Matt Sydel
EC 3
Monty Brown

The Triple Threat main event will feature Alberto El Patron, James Storm, and Magnus.

The 4 Corners Elimination Tag Match will feature The VOW, Reno Scum, LAX, and a Mystery Team

Magnus takes the BFG Series spot.

The Tag Match main event sees the return of the Motor City Machine Guns, who along with the other teams, put on a clinic. In the end, the VOW come out on top, putting Wilcox into the BFG Series.

In other parts of the card, Ivelisse wins the Number 1 Contender slot for the Knockouts Title and Laurel Van Ness has been fired by management.

To end the night, a phone call is placed by a woman outside the Impact Zone.
" Kenny there?"
"Who's this?"
"It's Amber."
"Amber, where you been, babe?"
"Never mind that, just let Kenny know we're in."
"He's been trying to put someone there for a while, but all the prospects were weeded out too early...yeah, I'll tell him."


Chapter 6. The Calm Before.....

Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley had their match at Slammiversary to unify the World Titles into one belt, the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, but not without some outside help. Cody Rhodes came back to Impact and, at the event, he cost El Patron the title.

The broadcast begins with Bruce Prichard in the ring.

"Due to events that took place at Slammiversary, there will be a rematch tonight in the main event with Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron battling for the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. To protect the legitimacy of this match, I've called for the main event to take place in a Lumberjack match where the Jacks will be chosen by management, consisting of the members of the Bound for Glory Series at ringside to prevent any outside interference from without and any sort of hijinks from within."

Brandi Rhodes goes one on one with Sienna and pins her with the outside interference from Amber 'O Neil. This leads to Amber raising Brandi's hand in the middle of the ring.

LAX takes on The Motor City Machine Guns and they win with all kinds of hidden outside hijinks, in the end, they're run off by Morgan and Mysterio.

Matt Sydel faces off against Jigsaw. Jigsaw pulls off a win out of nowhere with his finisher.

In the main event, The Vow allows Cody Rhodes to sneak through the crowd and disrupt the match, leading to the lights to go out in ring. When the lights come up again, Kenny Omega and members of Bullet Club have put out both Patron AND Lashley and Rhodes has the belt in his hands.

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