Tuesday, July 4, 2017

TNA! TN-Wait....WHAT!? GFW?!

Well, hmmm....what to say....this has been the most baffling week to me. Let's look at a couple of headlines, shall we? These come straight from "LordsofPain.net"....


And then this....


According to an article from a local newspaper in Tennessee, the rebranding is due to a desire to distance themselves from the recent legal dramas and financial woes of the past. On a more personal note, though, I think it's time to put distance between the company and the stigma attached to the TNA brand, both in terms of within the wrestling bubble AND without.

NOTE: If you are looking to celebrate Bound for Glory OR Slammiversary, don't walk into your local bakery and ask them to put TNA on a cake and expect to NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF. I am just sayin'.

This move was something I was talking about as early as 2015, but this seems so...so...I hate to use the word, but sloppy. Back in 2015, I made a plan to shake things up by making the change something controversial....something completely out of the ordinary....something people would want to talk about.

I have been orchestrating an IMPACT WRESTLING takeover by The Bullet Club, which I think would have been great had AJ Styles been in on the whole thing, but him being in WWE kinda puts a torpedo to the whole thing. But the walkout storyline was something I had in mind for the transformation, but what if something else was afoot?

Let's look at this another way....If GFW was the smaller entity (which it was) and IMPACT WRESTLING was the entity with TV time (which it is), why NOT brand GFW as the winner...but...wait...there needed to be a good STORYLINE reason for the changes, which is something HISTORICALLY TNA has NEVER been good at explaining. This is why I call the changes SLOPPY. People want more than 'this is happening', they want WHY and they NEED those answers to make sense. You can build it slowly over the course of a year, or you can do it over the course of a couple of months, but it needs to make sense, otherwise you run the risk of throwing out the good along with the worthless.

I WANT THIS TO WORK! IT NEEDS TO WORK! I want GFW to be the benchmark by which the new era is defined, but it HAS to be done in such a way that people are going to care. I want WWE TV to be hijacked with GFW chants just like the "Joe's GONNA KILL YOU" chants during the era of Umaga. Or the TNA chants during the whole Trump vs. Rosie 'o Donnell sketch on RAW. This change HAS to be a catalyst for a dramatic upswing into some familiar territory. RAW is so sterile, so politically correct, so neutrally charged, that the GFW model HAS to be something to offset that...to unbalance that....to take it off its feet.

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